Team XU-CSG with John Nery, EIC of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. From L-R: JM Sepe (CSG Buklod Ambassador), Edison Lacea (CSG President),...

XU-CSG participates in 33rd Buklod Atenista Midyear Conference

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Team XU-CSG with John Nery, EIC of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. From L-R: JM Sepe (CSG Buklod Ambassador), Edison Lacea (CSG President), John Nery (INQ EIC), Sean Llenos (DSLD Secretary), and Glophet Garrido (AECO Deputy Convener)
Last 18 to 22 December, the XU-CSG participated in the 33rd Buklod Atenista Midyear Conference at Ateneo de Manila University. The congress brought together the student governments of Ateneo de Davao University, Ateneo de Manila University, Ateneo de Naga University, Ateneo de Zamboanga University, and Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan for a five day congress with the theme "Papailanglang: Tungo sa Makabago, Matatag, at Maspinagkaisang Alyansang Buklod Atenista."

Buklod Atenista, the alliance of the Jesuit tertiary student governments, has become an avenue for the different student governments to converge action on various social issues, including the AFARM initiative and HIV/AIDS initiatives. The alliance was also active during the AdZU Fire (CSG collected funds to help AdZU) and also during the Davao bombings.

John Nery, EIC of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, shared his experiences during the first Inter-Ateneo Colloquium convened by Xavier University in 1982. At the time, XU-CSG was non-existent (CSG was established in 1984) and Buklod Atenista aided in the formation of CSG. At the time, they discussed the various issues which marred the Marcos era (in particular, censorship), and they shared best practices of the various Ateneo student governments.

Nery stressed the fact that Buklod Atenista was a movement "founded in the peripheries", and emphasized that this is crucial in understanding the charism of Buklod. Nery furthermore called on the congress to embrace the power of the peripheries, and create programs and policies towards that end.

Final Vision Statement of Buklod Atenista

During the Midyear Conference, the alliance finalized its vision and mission statements, and plotted its course for the coming year. The vision and restructuring was made possible with the help of Ateneo CODE (Consultants for Organizational Development and Empowerment).

XU-CSG shouldered the plane fare, transportation, and registration fees of the delegation.

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